Basic Properties of Matter Corrigenda

I also located the original manuscript for Basic Properties of Matter, which apparently KVK Nehru made some corrections to during his stay here in Utah back in 1996, fixing some typographical errors and the screwed-up "Table 35".

Recently, when reprints were needed, just the last book on the shelf was used to make new copies, not the manuscript, so the errors just kept dragging along. Future reprints will come from the manuscript, so the errors will be corrected.

Missing pages from the Collected Writings of KVK Nehru

Due to a copier error, pages 3, 7 and 273 were blank in The Collected Writings of KVK Nehru on the Reciprocal System. I have located Nehru's original manuscript buried here in the ISUS archives and have scanned in the missing pages as a PDF file, ready to print, for those whom have already bought the book and would like the missing pages.

I have created a new "reprint" manuscript including the missing pages, so when it needs to be reprinted, Rainer doesn't have to grab someone's book to copy.

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