Site Upgrade

I have upgraded the site to Drupal 7, which is a major version update. It did not go all too well. The update was required to keep the site online because of security issues with Drupal version 6.

Outstanding problems:

  • None that I know of


  • Larson's and ISUS image gallery are not available --implemented as Slideshow
  • Audio player is not loading (not sure why). --FIXED, see Library "Audio Lectures" menu.
  • Videos do not work (swfplayer module has not been released for D7). --WORKING (created module, works with Firefox but does some odd things in IE).
  • Access problems with the PDF scans of Reciprocity and ISUS News are fixed (available to current ISUS members only).
  • Store is not able to retrieve shipping quotes, so purchases cannot be completed yet.
    --TESTING (fix installed)
  • Missing Account info and Logout are now back up on top of each page.

If you spot anything else, particularly PHP error messages, please drop a comment in reply here or use Contact. Thanks.