Discussion Fora

I've created a general discussion forum as a test. This is phpBB forum that is constantly getting hacked, so I'm trying a different system. There may be some teething problems, as security and posting privileges are very different here than in the old forum. I will work on it as time permits.

The fora here are for the discussion of Dewey Larson's Reciprocal System of physical theory (RS) and are not to be used for spamming or promoting unrelated theories, unless a forum is created specifically for that purpose.

Due to the recent attempts by the Congress of the United States to regulate internet speech and expression at the demands of the entertainment industry, linking other sites or embedding pictures or videos to other sites is not permitted, as I don't have time to read through thousands of pages of political nonsense to find out what they are going to actually allow. All I know is that YouTube may cease to exist if this legislation passes, as it will become a crime to use ANY media, background music, photos, singing, audio or video, without paying your fees to the entertainment industry. Basically, if it is not your own creation it will be a crime to use it, and any sites where such media is found will have their domain name confiscated by the government and redirected to a "this site is in violation of the law" page.

Facilities to upload images, video and documents will be provided for in the future, if not already present, and may be subject to copyright review.

So much for "Freedom of the Press!"