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RS2 visual aids and analogies, Katirai style

RS2 Fora Comments - Thu, 01/21/2016 - 16:21

I've been thinking about this a lot recently and how to better illustrate some of the core RS2 concepts for people new to the theory.  I reckon after a good 3 years plus of reading up on everything that I can that i'm able to grasp a lot of it but still struggle with visualising many concepts, probably due to being taught everything backwards since birth so i'm not alone there that's for sure.  It's not easy unlearning what you have learned.

Despite having mentioned it on the Visibility of Stars and Galaxies topic, I only recently read Bahram Katirai's Revolution in Astronomy and thought it did a great job of making things a bit easier to understand and visualise the RS2 topic.  As you said, replace aether with time and they are pretty much the same, very complementary.

I've been going through Bahram Katirai's book, Revolution in Physics..... I find the book very interesting, because if you substitute "time" for "ether," you end up with many of the concepts of the Reciprocal System, including an independent charge mechanism (Katirai's samareh) and that atoms are rotating systems. But since Katirai's premise is from the cosmic sector side of things, he fills in many of the gaps that Larson never addressed.


Katirai, like Larson, is also a "common sense" observer. Most people will discount what their senses tell them, if it conflicts with their beliefs. Larson and Katirai are the opposite. When they encounter something that doesn't make sense, they investigate it, rather than ignore it, to try to understand it and incorporate it into their world views.

This last paragraph sums it up perfectly so i'm thinking it may be really useful to try and use a more Katirai way of describing and visualising time/space (aether) for RS2.  I think anything we can do to assist newcomers and regulars alike who have been finding it hard to picture how a universe of motion really works and fits together would be beneficial.

As good as some of the introductory papers by Gopi and Jameela are, along with the excellent RS2-101 series, I think they do lack some of the excellent analogies found on the forum here and on the CH and AQ fora.

If you think this would be a good idea then i'll start finding what I can from the fora and then look at Katirai's book again and see if I can match some of the concepts with the RS2 galactic view.  Let me know if you think this would be worthwhile?  If so i'll make a start on it this weekend.

One final thought, with everything in the universe of motion following many of the same rules but at different scales (atoms/solar systems for example) I keep looking around in nature for examples of something that we have possibly overlooked that we could use as an excellent example for many concepts, much like Larson's classic shavings down the plughole revelation.  I keep getting the nagging feeling that a perfect example is out there in nature, somewhere....

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