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musical scale and solar system

Sun, 04/17/2016 - 13:21

Correspondence of musical notes and the planets of the solar system.

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3d time

Thu, 04/14/2016 - 11:18
Can some one explain in simple terms movement in 3d time and clock space as viewed from the Cosmic sector? I would like to understand this in examples that relate to our view of the universe.Forums:
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quantum relativity - easy theory of everything

Tue, 04/05/2016 - 07:17

I would like to introduce very easy quantum model. By simple change of perspective about speed of light, relativity in natural way appear in quantum universe. On abstract level is very similar to heliocentric of Copernicus. Copernicus positioned the Sun near the center of the Universe, motionless, with Earth and the other planets rotating around it. I would like to put photons motionless and motion assign only to expanding space. Felled trees are moving slower on the river than small pieces of wood. Photons are the smallest splinters of wood that gives no resistance and flows exactly with the speed of water (expanding space). Matter because of gravity give resistance to space. It’s not like that light is the fastest. Key thing is that matter has to move slower. Of course it means the same but this view leads to interesting results.

Picture under link below is simplified vision of expanding space from every point into all directions - its movind 3d quantum fractal. Light is not moving - the space is moving, carrying the light - It creates relativity/time if something is moving slower (becasue of gravity) than space.


Imagine the picture which occupies a central place in a space and it exist for only 1 quantum  of time. In the next quantum  of time pixels of the picture scatter about the Planck (the smallest possible) distance on all sides, and the first image is replaced by the second. This is continuous process and more photos after each and every previous disperses farther and farther from starting point. Picture is a single, shortest time to extract. Scattering pictures results from the expansion of the universe.
You can compare this process to scroll before the eyes of the observer's frame film.

The observer sees the passage of time and movement on film because in front of his eyes film frames are changing . If the observer start follow film frame and stared at one frame he will see a static image instead of film.

Therefore, when traveling with the speed of light (for me at expansion of the universe) we do not see the passage of time - just like following the film frame and not seen the movie only a static picture. To see the movie or the passage of time he has to move slower than film frame or the speed of expansion of the universe.

I see two options when we see a picture and two situations where time does not flow.


- eyes follow the sliding film frame we only see steady picture
- Moving at the speed of light does not feel the passage of time.


- If we stop the film  will again  can only see just a single picture, which is before our eyes.
- Black hole creates an area where  gravity force balances the expansion of the universe and the space is not expanding. This is the event horizon where time does not flow.


Time exist when two things are happening at the same time.


  1. Space is expanding
  2. At least one object is moving with speed lower than speed of expansion.



In general expanding space is matrix on which everything is happening and all objects have defined speed according to their mass. Light is moving with speed of expansion. Increase of weight  means decrease of speed. All ratios and proportions are defined on quantum level. If we change the speed of expansion “no one” will notice. It’s like speeding up the movie. All situations “inside” will keep the proportions. We will notice change only from outside. In such model if someone is travelling increasing his speed he also gain on weight. His gravity also increase and gravitational lens around him slow down the matrix – expansion of the space. Everything start to happen slower for traveler.

In such model  inflation doesn’t make sense in most of the cases. It can happen only in one case – in universe without matter – only energy. In first quantum moment after big bang omega of the universe was 0. It caused the inflation. Speed of light that depend on omega value, was much higher than in nowadays universe. It allowed Breit–Wheeler process to happen. Matter appears – its begging of time. Created matter slow down the inflation. Breit–Wheeler process ends when omega reach value 1.

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